Ambit, a collection of contemporary porcelain tableware from Sue Ure Maison is about contrasts and boundaries. The contrast between light and dark, and between glossy and matt, and the border that separates the two.

Far from being products driven by fashion and produced for a mass market, they are carefully considered and crafted items. They are created in a small factory with values we are proud to endorse and made for discerning buyers looking for a collection to build on over an extended period.

( Read more about our manufacturer in our news item “The Art of Choosing a Manufacturing Partner”).

In beautiful and durable white and black porcelain, these are mugs, jugs and bowls made to enhance the enjoyment of the most ordinary of daily activities. Quietly elegant, and extremely pleasing to hold, our Ambit collection is rooted in the best traditions of enduring design - allying craftsmanship and aesthetics.

The stylish streamlined designs are available either in white or black porcelain with a choice of five colours of a finely drawn line.


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