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Add a Touch of Contemporary Style to Your Dining Table with Our Melamine Placemat and Coaster Sets

If you're looking for a way to add some colour and style to your dining table, our melamine placemat and coaster sets are the perfect choice. Attractive and functional, these sets are made from high-quality melamine, making them both durable and easy to clean. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a meal with your family, our Orbit, Stripe, and Drop ranges offer something for everyone.

Eye-Catching Design Inspired by Pop Art and Space Exploration

Our Orbit range is inspired by pop art and early space exploration and features round placemats and coasters, a cheeseboard, and a centrepiece set with a unique interlocking design. Available in four colours that reflect the era, the Orbit centrepiece set combined with coordinating placemats and coasters will make for a dazzling dining experience. The playful and eye-catching design of the Orbit range is perfect for adding a touch of adventure to any table setting.

Varying Arrangements of Colour-Themed Stripes

For those who prefer a square design, our Stripe mats and coasters play with varying arrangements of colour-themed stripes and are available in two colourways. The differences between each mat in the set are an important feature of the overall design, making each dining experience unique and unforgettable.

Inspired by the Natural World

Our Drop mats and coasters are also square and are inspired by the natural world, featuring colours reminiscent of the sea, shore, stones, and deep forests. Each placemat and coaster design is presented in a set of four mats, and in each set, each mat is different. The difference between each mat and each coaster is subtle and nuanced, making each set unique.

Carefully Crafted for Long-Lasting Use

Our beautiful melamine table mats are made in England and are heat resistant up to 135°C. They are backed with sustainably sourced eucalyptus and finished with cork. Each set of table mats is carefully crafted to coordinate with Sue Ure Maison tableware and textiles, allowing you to create your own coordinated dining table. Our melamine placemat and coaster sets are designed to be used and enjoyed over many years, making them a stylish and practical addition to any home.

Incorporate Our Sets for a Stylish Touch

By incorporating our melamine placemat and coaster sets into your table setting, you'll add a stylish touch that will enhance any dining experience. Whether you're looking for a playful pop of colour or a natural-inspired design, our Orbit, Stripe, and Drop ranges offer a range of options to suit your style. With their durable construction and easy-to-clean sur


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